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Together with 5 pioneers from various related industries, Outside Inc. will force a breakthrough in the traditional domain of personal finance, living, care and pension in our Cross-company Bootcamp (onepager NL).

In cooperation with Ideedropper, Outside Inc. challenges established corporations to innovate within and inter their domains. We focus on the generation that will retire from 2040 and still have their whole lifes ahead of them. This generation started contributing to society in the traditional economic system, but will now become the foundation of our new economy.

Former certainties are no longer self-evident. Active citizenship and personal responsibilities replace the welfare state and circular business models replace ownership of goods. Here lies a great opportunity. Still, traditional corporations often keep improving their products and services incrementally instead of seizing the nearby future and create disruptive products and services.

Outside Inc. and Ideedropper will scout en recruit 5 established corporations from different sectors to exploit the opportunities provided by an upcoming new era. The participating corporations will extend their eco-system and discover where they reinforce each other. The aim of the Cross- company Bootcamp is to deliver five new impact ventures with a sustainable earning model.

1) We will select 5 matching corporations in the sectors personal finance, housing, care and pension that form an complementary cohort  for cross-sector innovation. Each company will recruit  and delegate a passionate team of 16 enthusiastic employees.Stap12_nieuw


2) In Q1 2014 we organize an Innovation Day at each company. We unleash intrapreneurship and generate innovative business concepts that challenge the common practice. Concepts will be generated and enriched using the Ideedropper online platform. This requires an active attitude from the participating employees and intrapreneurs.



3) The five most promising concepts of each corporation will be presented at the Cross-company Bootcamp Day.  At this vibrant day all the business concepts are shared, enriched and probably merged. We form cross-company entrepreneurial teams and create the basic pre-conditions for successful further development of the business concepts to grow five new impact ventures

4) At the end of the Cross-company Bootcamp Day five impact ventures are born and supported by the participating corporations. Together we decide for each new venture how we continue the impact and acceleration of these new businesses.


Is your company ready to challenge your sectors status quo and are you interested in participating in this world changing program with 16 passionate colleagues? Please contact Marieke den Nijs at The pre-seed investment in this unique ignition program  is €12.500,- (excl. VAT) for each participating corporation.