al gore tree

Outside Inc.’s Mathijs plants Al Gore-tree

On Novermber 26th Pure Energie planted two oak trees in ‘’de Leiderschapslaan’’ as part of the Natural Leadership Program of Trees for All. This program aims to connect sustainable businesses and the trees symbolize the sustainable world these businesses are striving for. The participants this year included Arla Foods, ASN Bank, DSM, WAKAWAKA and the nominees of the DJ100 (with last year also Marieke den Nijs nomitated) initiated by Anne Wallraven.

As result of Al Gore’s visit to the Netherlands in October, during the National Convention of JCI Nederland in Enschede, a special Al Gore-tree was planted in the Bentwoud in Benthuizen (NL). This tree was planted by our very own Mathijs Koper, because Outside Inc. won the first prize for best sustainable business pitch during the pre-program of the presentation of Al Gore on The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.

Afterwards, Mathijs Koper said: ’Planting the tree, along with inspirators Alfons Wispels (Pure Energie), Maurice Groen (WAKAWAKA) and Al Gore’s message in mind, was special. It has given me more energy to continue realizing the mission of Outside Inc .: a sustainable world that offers opportunities. It is up to entrepreneurs to embrace these opportunities and to shape an unstoppable transition’.

See more info on the website of Trees for All and Pure Energie