Schrijf je in voor Impact Accelerator 2017!

Increased innovation in sectors aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is key to economic growth. These goals are already reshaping global markets and capital flows, bringing impact businesses to the spotlight and making them stand out in the competition.


World Startup Factory is interested in teams that try to improve the likes of social inclusion, quality of democracy, healthy environments, road safety, traffic management, circular economy, energy efficiency, occupancy mapping, digital security, critical infrastructure, well being, care systems (especially elderly) and e-health solutions. Their main drive is to accelerate growth of ventures who focus on future solutions with positive impact.

Five impact -driven verticals:

  • Cities [SDG 11 ‘ Sustainable Cities & Communities’]
    Making the cities around the globe more resilient to the infrastructure, connectedness, and population’s health challenges posed by the 21st century requires plentiful innovation.
  • Security [SDG 8 ‘Decent work & Economic Growth’]
    Impact accelerator World Startup Factory and leading security cluster The Hague Security Delta are proud to present the result of working hand in hand – Security accelerator program for startups who seek to address security challenges.
  • Buildings [SDG 11 ‘ Sustainable Cities and Communities’]
    Providing comfortable and safe space for inhabitants today means looking for ways to boost occupants’ productivity, cutting the costs and making impact on global environment.
  • Health & Ageing [SDG 3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’]
    The growing proportion of older people calls for rethinking of today’s approaches to both cure and care.
  • Mobility [SDG 9 ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’]
    Revolutionizing the way the vehicles function, interact and commute from one place to another by computers and sensors.

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World Startup Factory sets up a lively environment where startups can gain industry-specific insights, connect to both local and international hubs, validate their ideas with potential customers and strengthen their business cases day by day. Are you looking to stimulate global growth by leading sustainable development? Check out the next programme and apply now!