Our people are worth meeting.

Outside Inc. is build on the talents and expertise of our team. We all are passionate about helping corporates with intrapreneurship and co-creation to solve today’s global challenges by developing new meaningful products and services. To top it off, we’re a fun crew. Take a look for yourself and drop us a line to connect.


Marieke den Nijs


Marieke is responsible for the programs of Outside Inc. and one of the co-founders. Having more then 10 years experience in social entrepreneurship and new business development, she is strategic partner for our clients and a regular keynote speaker at major (social) entrepreneurship events and is the driving force behind our Corporate Social Entrepreneurship vision (as a next level of CSR).

Check her Linkedin profile here or send an email via m.dennijs@outside-inc.nl or call +31 643070130


Mathijs Koper


Mathijs is one of the co-founder and responsible for the programs and ventures of Outside Inc. He is also part of the management of our own startup accelerator World Startup Factory. He has a passion for impact-driven technology, corporate entrepreneurship and startup acceleration. Based on his experience of the last 12 years he is an expert and entrepreneurial partner for corporates and startups who aim for a next level in shared new business development.

Check his Linkedin profile here or send an email  via m.koper@outside-inc.nl or call +31 633937026


Isabelle Coppens

012-sjoerdbooijphotography-portraits-outside-incIsabelle is Program Manager for the intrapreneurship  and CSE programs of Outside Inc. Her drive is to foster entrepreneurship within corporates by encouraging employees to develop new products and services and creating a culture of purpose. With her extensive experience in designing and delivering intrapreneurship programs she unlocks real value on both short and long term by inspired employees and intrapreneurs.

Check her LinkedIn profile here or send an email via i.coppens@outside-inc.nl or
call +31 612719555 


Jildou Steensma


Jildou is a key-member of our freelance development and program managers community. She is specialized in community activation and building, co-creation and crowdsourcing. By bringing creative minds together she inspires our clients within our programs to create new business solutions in co-creation with stakeholders from the crowd and within organizations.

Check her LinkedIn profile here or send an email via j.steensma@outside-inc.nl or call +31 618110172 


Jorien Langedijk


Jorien is a key-member of our freelance development and program managers community. She is an expert in the positioning and marketing of disruptive products, services and business models. Within our programs Jorien sets up extensive communication strategies and strong positioning of our clients’ challenges.

Check her LinkedIn profile here or send an email via j.langedijk@outside-inc.nl 



Alwin Veldboom

Portret foto- Alwin


Alwin is Program Manager for the intrapreneurship  and CSE programs of Outside Inc. Translating compelling visions for a sustainable future into creative hands-on solutions for societal challenges is what he enjoys most. His drive is to help organisations develop entrepreneurial, purposeful an fun practices that result in meaningful value creation. In his spare time, he enjoys boxing, travelling and reading.

Check his LinkedIn profilehere or send an email via a.veldboom@outside-inc.nl

 Martijn ten Kate

Portret foto-Martijn

Martijn is the Program Developer of Outside Inc. He uses his knowledge gained as an Industrial Designer at the Technological University of Delft. Valuing sustainability and entrepreneurship, he has the focus on developing tools to further improve the impact of the Outside Inc. methods and tools. His personal drive is to gain knowledge and expertise in the fields of both sustainabilty and intrapreneurship with the dream of creating impact on both.

Check his LinkedIn profilehere or send an email via m.tenkate@outside-inc.nl


Corine Leunge 

Portret foto-Corine


Corine is Program Manager for the intrapreneurship and CSE programs of Outside Inc. It is her ambition to help businesses create social impact using their core expertise. Whilst working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs she helped formulate the Sustainable Development Goals, she is excited to be using them in her everyday work now.

Check her LinkedIn profile here or send an email via c.leunge@outside-inc.nl


Seline Rudolph

careersday2017_134-1024x1024 finaSeline is the Program Support Manager and Communication Officer. She believes that the development of unique talents, passions and ideas of individuals and organizations will lead to long-term value-creation. She is passionate about solving societal and environmental challenges through entrepreneurial action and inclusive innovation and is especially interested in startup acceleration.

Check her Linkedin profile here or send an email via s.rudolph@outsicde-inc.nl or call +31 624768836

Solongo Altangerel


Solongo is writing her bachelor thesis at Outside Inc. and studies International Business Management Studies at Rotterdam Business School. Learn about social impact and intrapreneurship is what makes the internship challenging and meaningful to her. Afer her graduation, she wishes to pursue a master in circular economy.

Check her LinkedIn profile here or send an email via s.altangerel@outside-inc.nl