Sustainable Development Goals of 2016 as source for innovation

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are a set of 17 inclusive societal goals, which replaced the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. At first instance the SDG’s might not be identified by corporates as new business opportunities. However Corporate Citizenship identified three strong arguments why SDG’s provide possibilities for interesting business opportunities: 1) The societal needs provide market opportunities. 2) SDG’s create shared priorities, resulting in cost-effectiveness and impact. 3) SDG’s align (inter)national policy, enhancing the license to operate and improving reputations.

We want to challenge companies to take the next step (from CSR to CSE) by using the SDG’s. The SDG’s define ambitious and inspirational innovation challenges, inspiring and unleashing the full potential of your workforce. Outside Inc. supports companies to take the next step, ranging from choosing those goals relevant to the future of your organization, creating a call to action and building a community relevant to the outcome of your efforts. Our CSE programs unleashes the full potential of your workforce, to make sound business opportunities through SDG’s.

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