What we do

We navigate the tension between the old and the new

We develop and execute outside-in innovation and intrapreneurship programs to re-invent traditional business and develop new meaningful products and services. Our mission is to accelerate innovation within corporates by encouraging entrepreneurship and co-creation.

We believe in positive impact on society by enabling corporates to create profitable solutions for the better. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important source for inspiration within our programs. We see Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) as a driver and source for prosperity and new sustainable business value.

Our clients and partners work with us for the design, set-up and execution of:

  • Intrapreneurship programs for new business development
  • Cross-sector co-creation programs
  • Innovation events and bootcamp sessions
  • Challenges, hackathons and jams
  • Startup acceleration programs with World Startup Factory

Our approach and tools are based on a simple and effective approach:

Outside Inc. Approach

0. Spark

In co-creation we facilitate goal congruence and define a challenging “call to action” that is on the one hand related to today’s challenges and opportunities for your organisation and on the other hand connected to relevant societal challenges that matches the (future) purpose of your organisation.

1. Scout

We scout and mobilize both intrapreneurs inside your organisation and entrepreneurs from surrounding ecosystems to share and come-up with innovative business concepts which are potential new business opportunities related to the “call to action”.

2. Sprout

We kick-start the development and validation of promising new business concepts into feasible business concepts for new relevant products and services. Of course we get the outside-in and the inside-out.

3. Spin

We accelerate the innovation process and encourage intrapreneurs and teams towards solid and sound business plans for new products/ services, corporate ventures or start-ups on arms-length.

4. Scale

We facilitate the launch of new (corporate) ventures, recruit the right entrepreneurs within our network, and offer tailored business development to give direction and execution to successful new business and a more sustainable future.