Unleashing the joy of meaningful entrepreneurship

We get excited by organisations who dare to pave the way to the new economy. In this new economy, also known as the  "doughnut economy", social and economic value is created for society. We contribute to this by enabling leaders & intrapreneurs to shape future-proof organisations.


We see the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a meaningful way to fulfill innovative challenges. We believe that every transition is full of opportunities if you dare to tackle problems in an entrepreneurial way. Whether you are a startup or an organisation with a rich history.

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We have developed a unique method with result-oriented tools based on our extensive experience with innovation acceleration programs. This method consists of five phases: Spark, Scout, Sprout, Spin and Scale. Each program is unique, which means that we continue to improve our methods and focus on new sectors and challenges. We do this with and for organisations where innovation stand central, but where current customers are just as important. 

Read more about our five propositions and cases here.


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