Leapfrog 4 Impact


Leapfrog 4 Impact unleashes and accelerates innovation potential by tapping into the entrepreneurial minds of FMO’s employees. Outside Inc. is developing the program to accelerate FMO’s 2025 strategy and increase impact for their clients. This years topic revolves around “Creating value beyond banking”. The call to action towards FMO’s intrapreneurs is as follows: “What are future-proof services on top of our financial products that create new business value for our clients and contribute to local prosperity?”


With our approach, we accelerate impact together. Our approach is divided in five phases. The first phase, called Spark, is about choosing by selecting a central theme and relevant SDGs.

The second phase, Scout, has just closed. The goal of this phase is to scout intrapreneurs who are bursting with innovative ideas. The amount of ideas that have been submitted in this phase show the tremendous potential within FMO. In the third phase, Sprout, the aim is to grow and develop these ideas into validated business plans. This phase is currently ongoing, and we’re looking forward to developing the ideas within FMO together.

Read more about our approach here.

“To remain relevant in the future it is important that FMO finds different ways of bringing the outside perspective in.”
— Linda Broekhuizen, Chief Investment Officer FMO

Leapfrog 4 Impact contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 en 13.

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