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Outside Inc. organized two editions of an intrapreneurship challenge for employees of Scildon to think about new value propositions for potential new markets. The aim of the challenges was to engage a group of intrapreneurs around new business development for a futureproof Scildon. During a bootcamp program we focused on entrepreneurial skillbuilding and innovative thinking to explore areas of opportunity and define potential value propositions and business models.


During the LefLab bootcamp program we worked closely with a selected group of intrapreneurs. We provided them with a clear innovation challenge and supported them in generating new product ideas by bringing the outside in (experts and entrepreneurs). We facilitated teams of intrapreneurs to turn their ideas into a validated business plan. During an open Demo Day teams presented their business plans and through voting and a jury panel the winning teams were selected. The intrapreneurship challenge contributed to building a stronger innovation capability by growing innovation skills of the participants and framework for innovative ideas to be taken forward.


The programme at Scildon contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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