We help you turn innovation potential of the core-business into future-proof business concepts



Everyday, more than 300.000 cleaners are working hard to keep offices, public spaces and homes in the Netherlands clean. They, like everybody else, dream of a bright future. At the same time, they face challenges like digitization, language barriers and tough working conditions. In the program “Blinkende Toekomst” we called for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to design and prototype solutions that enable cleaners to enjoy their work today, and shape the conditions of their ‘shiny’ future. 


In our programme we followed the Design Thinking process ‘Empathise’, ‘Define’, ‘Ideate’ , ‘Prototype’ and ‘Test’ to come up with both innovative and user-centric solutions. We organised interviews with cleaners and experts from the sector to help intrapreneurs from APG and entrepreneurs to gain a deep understanding of the needs of their target group. During three ‘Design Days’ participants developed and validated their value propositions and made their first prototype. 


“Een Blinkende Toekomst” contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth & SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure