Outside Inc. is not like any other company. We help others with innovation and entrepreneurship, but we’re also good at doing it ourselves. Outside Inc. has founded various companies and initiatives. This was either done together with our clients or because we felt it was necessary. These companies and initiatives are always founded from a perspective to do something about a social or sustainability challenge in an entrepreneurial way. 

For example, Outside Inc. co-founded World Startup Factory in 2015. This is now an independently operating company with its own business model and focus. World Startup Factory is a startup accelerator that guides and invest in impactful startups. 

Together with World Startup Factory we’re part of a wider collective of independent companies within the Powered by Meaning Group. Other companies that are also affiliated with this group include Kirkman Company, YSE, C-Beta and Next2Company.

In 2017 Word Startup Factory founded, in collaboration with the Truvalu Group, the joint venture FoodStars. FoodStars is a new business platform for agrifood. FoodStars invests in startups and guides several programmes and phases of startups and scale-ups in their development and growth.

Other initiatives that Outside Inc. has started the past years are, amongst others:

  • Fair Medicine - Foundation that realizes a new model for the development of therapies and medication

  • Our Oceans Challenge - Innovative platform for sustainable martime and offshore industry.

In the first years Outside Inc. has played an active role as a founder at the board and implementation at these organisations. Now both organisations operate independently with its own board and Outside Inc. becomes involved at times as an implementation partner or strategic advisor.