We give organizations a new perspective on the future. We design and organize programs to accelerate innovation, wherein we work with intrapreneurs from ‘inside’ and entrepreneurs from ‘outside’ to create new meaningful products and services. We call this Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE).

 Our programs are grafted on societal and environmental challenges and help companies become more futureproof and create shared value for both shareholders and society. We mobilize companies and stakeholders around challenges addressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We use this framework to inspire and amplify the already existing ability to innovate. We utilize the core capabilities and strengths of existing companies and connect them with the speed, creativity and technology of for example startups. We believe that existing companies are able to adjust to new and changing environments and play an important role in navigating the tension between the old and new economy.

Within our programs we work towards validation, implementation and commitment. Together with our clients we formulate a challenging ‘call to action’. We inspire and mobilize participants and partners  around this call to action and work towards solutions with tailored series of sprints, bootcamps and workshops. In every program we maintain a critical outside perspective through keynotes from entrepreneurs and startups, the validation of a solution with real users and valuable advice from experts. Everything we do, we do to successfully introduce meaningful future proof products and services.

We provide three different type of programs to ignite and accelerate innovation. Often these programs are combined with events and physical innovation labs.


  • Inside-out | Intrapreneurship

We always start with activating employees and involving them in the development of new products and services for a specific challenge, opportunity of technology. The experience of employees in today's customer journeys often sprouts the ideas for new and improved concepts. With our help they will be able to speed up the innovation and implementation process. We build committed teams that are enthusiastic and ready to realize their plans and contribute to the future of the company.   


  • Outside-in | Entrepreneurship

We start with scouting and selecting startups and/or partners that work on the call to action set by us with the client. Our clients is often a launching customer and strategic partner for the participants. We invite the most eligible teams to participate in our program, where we facilitate co-creation between all participating parties. In this way we create shared value for our clients as well as for the participating startups.  


  • Co-creatie | Entrepreneurship x Intrapreneurship

This type of program is all about combining the previous two perspectives: inside-out and outside-in. We bring outside in and inside out through co-creation. The results of this type of program are hybrid ventures developed by intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs together.

For more information about the design and execution of the programs you can contact Marieke den Nijs. More information about current and previous programs can be found on our website by going to Programs and Impact.   



Our approach is always tailored to specific needs, objectives and constraints of our clients and partners. The designs of our programs are based on five different steps: SPARK, SCOUT, SPROUT, SPIN & SCALE.



During Spark we determine the goals and contours of the program. We define the need for innovation the opportunity of new technology, and bring the organizations and societal challenges together.

The result of this phase is a Call To Action: an inspiring question that gives direction the whole program.


During Scout phase we mobilize intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. We build strong networks in which multiple dimensions come together.

The result of this phase is a wide range of viable solutions. We select the most promising solutions and create smart combinations.  


Participants develop and validate their solutions. To do this, we provide various effective and tailored methods and tools. We involve customers, end-users and experts to validate the feasibility of the solution and it’s business model. Furthermore we work towards creating ownership in a well balanced team.

The result of this phase are validated solutions to the previously set innovation challenge.


During the final step we challenge the participants to continue working on their business plan with special attention for their business model and the scalability of their idea. We work towards market introductions and sustainable implementation.

The result of this phase is a well prepared business plan that is ready decision-making for implementation.