Together we build a story for strategic innovation by establishing purpose alignment,
inside and outside your organisation



Outside Inc. has supported Becel Pro-Activ in developing a purpose driven branding strategy. A different approach was needed to launch a new and direct to consumer product. We brought inside and outside stakeholders and experts together to discover and validate the product’s purpose. We used the product’s purpose to develop a clear focus which aligned societal, organizational and end-users needs.


We worked closely with a small team of intrapreneurs to design a new branding strategy driven by a clear societal purpose. We connected them to outside experts, entrepreneurs and potential users to validate and enrich their purpose and strategy. We organized various outside in experts sessions and supported the team of intrapreneurs with strategy and Scrum sessions. This lead not only to a first network of partners, but also to validated purpose document and strategy to launch the product.


Becel Pro-Activ contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and well-being.