Innovation lesson from Moyee: challenge the status quo!

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. Bringing new solutions forward starts with gathering new insights by connecting to people and organizations with different perspectives. For that reason we stimulate outside in inspiration during the first “Scout” phase of the innovation process. This week we invited Moyee Coffee to FMO.

Making a difference in the coffee chain

Moyee offers Fairchain coffee, meaning that coffee beans are roasted at its source in Ethiopia. That way value is added and jobs are created locally instead of abroad. Fairchain is based on the principle of shared value, roasting the beans locally means that profit stays with the people who contribute most. On May 15th Guido van Staveren joined FMO to tell and share his story of Moyee: its principles, how it started and its current activities and challenges.

Moyee is a great example of innovative thinking and was triggered by Guido’s mission to make a difference. We learnt about how to make the chain more transparent through blockchain and shared and thought about how to scale the business model. There are various innovative elements in Moyee’s story which could be translated into potential innovations for FMO.

Some directions of innovation which we identified were: the multi-stakeholder financing model, new technologies like blockchain and tokens for chain transparency, using the principle of living income, impact measurement, fairchain farming and reforestation, opportunities to scale the Moyee model to other sectors and promote fairchain vision among FMO clients.

Start with why

When listening to Moyee’s story, there is one important lesson for intrapreneurs-to-be. What strikes most is the drive and motivation of Guido to change the system of how coffee is produced and value is created. This basically all started with asking the question of “why”: how come we have created this unfair and broken system and how can we fix it? The ability to be curious, wonder and even get upset about the current status quo can be a strong force for change.

Entrepreneurship starts with a personal mission.

So what makes you tick? What makes you curious and what are you not willing to accept? How can you use your professional life to make a difference? If you start answering those questions, inevitably you will create room for innovation. It might shine a new light on things you might have taken for granted earlier. An important lessons for intrapreneurs-to-be, is that entrepreneurship starts with a personal mission. Once you know what you want to change, you will be pushed to think creatively and give you the energy to move forward where other would give up.

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