Leapfrog 4 Impact: Matchmaking Day

FMO is bursting with innovative ideas. This became apparent at the Matchmaking Day of the Leapfrog 4 Impact program this Monday. The goal of the Matchmaking Day is to showcase all ideas, to enrich them with feedback and to stimulate collaboration between the different teams. At the event, more than 30 ideas were pitched by intrapreneurs of FMO. From cryptocurrency to social media platforms, all of the ideas showed the creativity that's inside FMO.

Now that all the innovative ideas have been harvested, it's time for the second phase of Leapfrog 4 Impact program. In this phase the ideas will be developed into validated business plans. We're looking forward to accelerating impact together!

The Leapfrog 4 Impact program unleashes and accelerates innovation potential by tapping into the entrepreneurial minds of employees. Read more about the Leapfrog 4 Impact program here.